Purchase Information For Our Golden Retriever Puppies

Please note that our prices are listed on the Available Puppies Page

Our puppy purchasing process is subject to change in order to reflect fluctuations in the market as well as buyer preferences. We also make changes to our process that we feel are necessary in order to protect our puppies and set them up for absolute success. Any information that you read on this page is current, however, if you have purchased a puppy from us in the past please understand that our process may have since changed.

Puppy Application

Before a puppy can be reserved, we ask that all our prospective puppy owners fill out a Puppy Application Form. This not only ensures that our puppies go to the BEST homes possible, but it also helps us find the perfect match for YOU and your puppy. We typically respond to puppy applications within 24 hours, however, caring for our moms and their babies is our first priority. Please be patient if it takes a little longer at times based on our work load.


Our Full English Cream litters……………. $3,000 – $3,500

Our Full American Red Goldens and Half American Red/Half English Cream litters……………. $2,500 – $3,000


We ask for a $300.00 deposit* in order to reserve your puppy, and we reserve puppies in the order that the deposits are received. Some people like to wait until a litter has been born before reserving their new puppy, but we encourage all prospective buyers to reserve as early as possible in order to ensure they get a pick of the litter they desire.

When submitting your deposit* (bottom of this page), be sure to include your full contact information, a full deposit payment of $300, and your preference of a male or female puppy. We accept Cash, USPS money-orders, cashier’s check, or PayPal (no fee added). See Final Payment details below.

Puppy Selection Process

The puppy selection process begins shortly after the puppies have been weaned. If timing/distance is an issue, we’re happy to help you make your selection! Let us know your desired traits and we will pick the best available puppy for you.

Final Payment:

We accept payment for the balance via Cash, USPS money-orders, cashiers check, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal
(3.5% fee added to balance with PayPal, Venmo varies).

Shipping option:

Unfortunately, do not offer shipping unless the puppy can be hand-delivered to the purchasing family. We can discuss various options and associated fees if this is your choice.

Contact us for more info at indianagoldens@gmail.com

Puppy deposit $300.00 (Non-refundable, however we allow it to be transferred to another litter if the gender or desired traits you seek are not available )

* Reservation fee is non-refundable. If circumstances arise which prohibit the buyer from completing the puppy purchase, the deposit may be moved to another litter within twelve (12) months of the original deposit receipt date.