Available Puppies

English Cream and Red Golden Retriever Puppies

We have listed below our Available English Cream and Red Golden Retriever puppies for sale, as well as the status of upcoming litters. We update the open reservations as deposits are received. Often, we have received prior reservations for upcoming litters before they are even expecting, so it is advisable to reserve as early as you can to assure you get a puppy in the time frame you desire.

Each puppy is raised using positive imprinting and receives plenty of one-on-one love and attention. They will be well socialized and ready for your family!

English Cream Golden Retriever puppies have a beautiful near-white color that understandably attracts a lot of attention. While many people claim that the English golden retriever puppies are healthier than the traditional golden retriever, we feel this is more attributable to the differences between the European vs. the American bloodlines and the level of related ancestors in those bloodlines (see the Health Topics page).

European or American, they all share the same excellent breed characteristics of being intelligent, intuitive family friendly pets and working dogs. Whether you prefer white, red or a shade in between, Indiana Goldens would love to provide you with your next golden retriever puppy!

For information on the genetic clearances of our breeding adults, please visit Our Adults page and click on the K9Data link. If you have any questions about one of our current pairings or one of our future planned pairings, please email us at indianagoldens@gmail.com

We are located in south-central Indiana, approximately 1 hour south of Indianapolis.

English cream golden retriever puppies for sale in Indiana Goldens.

Puppy Reservation Process

Note: Scroll down to the “Planned Litters” section to find the available reservation openings for future litters.

We are accepting reservations on our 2023 puppies, as well as 2024 puppies (for those who like to plan ahead)! Please be aware that we reserve the first 6 – 7 puppies in a litter, but there may be more or less puppies born than are reserved. If there are less, puppy reservations will be based on the date the deposit was received. A deposit is also required if you wish to be on the list as a back up reservation.


Available Puppies

Iris & Walter

Arrived January 26th, 2024

2 Female and 1 Male Reservations Open


Poppy & Maverick

Arrived December 28th, 2023

Ready to go home February 22nd, 2024

1 Male and 1 Female Reservations Open


Mr. Green

Miss Fuchsia

Mr. Blue – Reserved

Miss Lavender – Reserved

Miss Flower – Reserved

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Honey & Henry


1 Male and 1 Female Available


Mr. Buffalo

Miss White

Upcoming Litters

Planned Litters 2023

These are planned future pairings of our dogs, selected to minimize the possibility of genetic issues common in the Golden Retriever, especially in the area of the COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding).
The timeframes listed below are based on our best estimate of when these pairings will occur, however, there are natural elements we do not control which may cause these estimates to need adjusting from time to time.

Planned Litters
​ Estimated arrival dates


Ginger & Henry (May ’24) – $3,000, 3 female & 3 male reservations available

Ruby & Rocky (May ’24) – $3,000, 3 female & 3 male reservations available

Honey & Henry (May ’24) – $3,000, 3 female & 3 male reservations available

Belle & Henry (June ’24) – $3,500, 3 female & 3 male reservations available




Past Puppies – All Placed

Violet & Maverick’s puppies

Miss Red

Miss Cheetah

Miss Plaid

Miss Magenta

Mr. Brown

Mr. Bears

Poppy & Maverick’s Puppies

Molly & Major’s Puppies

Ruby & Max Previous Litter

“Charlie” from KYD (Keep Your Daydream)