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Our Daughter is Raising
AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

Hi! I’m Rebecca,

I have had the privilege of raising Golden Retrievers with my family my whole life!
I have a deep love for dogs, and can’t ever imagine not having them in my life.
So, I have decided to branch out into my own program and raise Pembroke Welsh Corgis!
In 2019, I welcomed my sweet corgi girl Kiko into our home. She has been one of the biggest joys of my life as I’ve entered into adulthood. Her energy, intelligence, and HUGE personality (despite her short stature 😉 ) made me absolutely fall in love with the breed!
Dogs are my passion, second only to the great joy of serving my Lord, Savior and friend Jesus Christ. I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to raise these sweet babies alongside our Goldens, and provide canine companions to brighten others lives, the way they’ve blessed my own.

Upcoming Litters

Mina & Bokuto

We are anticipating a litter with Mina & Bokuto in Spring 2024

They will have glamour coats due to Mina being a fluffy, and will vary in color from Black-headed Tricolor to Bluie Tricolor! (There will be no chance of full fluffy pups due to Bokuto not carrying the gene)

Price will range between $1,800-$2,000

Contact us for more information

My Corgis



Mina is a triple clear, Fluffy Black-headed Tricolor girl who is an upcoming mom.

She is sweet-tempered, with lots of love for others, and her many golden pals! She loves to fetch like her big sister Kiko, and loves lots of snuggles!

Mina is expected to have her first litter in Spring of 2024 💜



as of 2023, my sweet girl Kiko has retired from breeding. 

Thank you to everyone who chose Kiko and myself as your breeder, and bringing one of her precious babies into your home!

Kiko will enjoy the rest of her life pestering me to throw the ball for her 😉




My handsome boy Bo is a Bluie Black-headed Tricolor. He is triple clear on DM, EIC and VWD1. (View his Embark profile for more information)

This boy loves to run and play with his corgi crew! He’s very athletic, while also loving lots of pets and a good nap! 


Gallery of Previous Litters